How to Weather-Proof your Deck

Long exposure to rain and sun can have a negative impact on your deck. Wood becomes cracked and warped under the sun’s intense heat rays; while rain can cause excess moisture to get trapped inside the deck boards which eventually leads to decay.  Fortunately, you may have many options to keep your deck safe from these natural elements.

Install Composite Boards

One option is to replace all your wooden deck boards with composite. Composite boards are made of a mixture of wood and plastic.  They hold up to moisture and UV rays due to their polymer coating.  Because composite boards are manufactured to withstand moisture and excessive heat, they can last up to 30 years without much needing repair.

Replace and Repair

If the composite board is not in your budget, another option is to replace your cracked and worn deck boards. Cracked wood can be especially troublesome because moisture can seep through the cracks and cause the deck board to rot. Warped boards can be dangerous because they can make boards uneven and difficult to walk on.

Stain Regularly

Once you decide to replace your bad deck boards it is very important to stain your deck regularly. Deck stain seals and protects the boards from heat and moisture and may make the wood last longer resulting in fewer repairs. Stains also come in a variety of transparencies: solid, semi-solid, and transparent.

Consider Adding a Roof or Awning

Finally, if you want to protect your deck from the elements, consider covering it with a roof or awning. Roofs are aesthetically pleasing and very durable but will require a professional who knows about load bearing and slopes to install. Awnings come in a variety of styles and qualities but are definitely more budget-friendly than roofs.

Keeping your deck safe and beautiful is a lifelong commitment. Decks are not structures that can be put up and neglected. Wooden decks must be stained and repaired regularly.  If you are not sure what kind of TLC your deck needs or what fits in your budget, please contact us today for a consultation.

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