Our Services


The process of remodeling quite often involves a total transformation. Remodeling your home may mean re-configuring, re-purposing, or expanding a room. When deciding to remodel your home, please take cost and time into consideration because the process is more labor intensive. Also, keep in mind that change of the structure to a home may involve requiring a permit.

We have experience in many types of remodeling. We have transformed porches into bathrooms and basements into apartments. The results are amazing!

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Sometimes you may not want to completely replace something in your home but would rather have it repaired as if it is new. This may involve filling holes in wooden structures, sanding, and refinishing it or patching up a small section of a ceiling with water damage. These types of services are usually less costly than replacing the structure completely but keep in mind that results may vary depending on color and pattern matching.

We will do our best to make your repairs seamless and professional. We have fixed many minor and major problems in homes as simple as patching a hole in a wall or replacing a small section of siding.

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Renovating your home usually means updating a part of your home without completely transforming the functionality of a room. It is usually more costly and labor-intensive than a simple repair and most often involves replacing something old with something new. For example, you may not want to fix the blemish on your floor but rather replace the floor itself.

When deciding to renovate or repair, keep these factors in mind:

  • Although repairs may cost less and are quick, renovating may last longer and look more seamless.
  • It can be difficult to match certain woods, colors, and patterns. Therefore, repairing may be less precise and more difficult than a complete replacement.
  • Consider the age of the product (floor, siding, etc). For something that is older, it may be more efficient to replace the entire thing, instead of having to go back and do it again if another piece gets broken or worn.